Blueprint to implement Analytics Use Cases

For businesses intent on transforming their data for meaningful analysis, the key is understanding the data-driven analytics use cases that will bring business value to the organisation and the technology required to implement them. Data-driven analytics goes beyond technical artefacts like Data Lake or Data Fabric etc. To truly take advantage, it is essential to unlock the business value of the data that flows internally and externally.  

BigTapp’s experienced consultants follow a structured diagnostic approach in Analytics Blueprinting that helps organisations identify, examine complexities and prioritise business use cases that can provide exceptional value to the organisation and reap business benefits from their analytics investments. An assessment of data maturity complements the analytics use cases to drive the implementation plan.   

An end state architecture is designed by BigTapp’s architects as part of the data management blueprint that will enable achieving the identified analytics use cases in the most efficient manner. The architecture will ensure that Data, Technology, People and Processes are aligned with the corporate strategy and objectives for a successful implementation.

Use Case for Retail Industry:

Predicting Repurchase Frequency

Definition (Problem Statement/ Opportunity Statement) :

What is the frequency in which a repeat purchase SKU or product (e.g. Baby Milk Powder) will be bought by a specific Loyalty Member. Armed with this information, reminder messages can be sent for those who ‘missed’ their purchase frequency.

Deployment Model:

The list of Loyalty Members who have ‘missed’ their predicted purchase date for chosen products will be used to send ‘reminder’ messages with potential ‘one-click’ option to buy online.

Potential KPIs that get impacted: Campaign Conversion Rate Total Purchase Volume of selected products in a period

Use Case for Banking sector:

Lending Risk Assessment for SME/ Commercial Customers

Definition (Problem Statement/ Opportunity Statement) :

Traditional risk assessments for SME/ Commercial Customers are based predominantly on their financial statements. Given that SMEs are more likely than large corporates to become impacted by factors that are not under their control like, Consumer Trends, Economic Climate etc, there is a need to incorporate such data as part of risk assessment.

Deployment Model:

Extract insights about SME customers and prospects from social media commentary, market news feeds and other public sources for improved risk profiling and to identify early alerts about the potential deterioration of creditworthiness. A change in the trend of positive and negative sentiments and new announcements are a sample of events that could trigger a reassessment of risk.

Potential KPIs that get impacted:

Bad Debt Provisions Default Rate


The process that BigTapp follows with most clients during the blueprinting phase is described below.

Due Diligence

What We do

  • Explore business requirements in-depth using a multifaceted approach. 
  • Prescriptively provide best practice analytics use cases based on our experience and domain specific use case inventory (BigTapp’s IP). 
  • Draw a list of analytical requirements that aligns with the business goals. 
  • Reinforce business process needs with data-backed analytics. 


  • A list of business use cases supporting the company's business objectives. 


What We do

  • Organise the analytical requirements based on the priorities of Business units. 
  • Identify the requirements for business and data lifecycle automation. 
  • Evaluate the dependences of data and technology. 
  • Validate business needs with analytics-driven technology infrastructure.  
  • Assess existing analytics investment strategy. 
  • Identify impact to the Organization. 


  • Prioritised list of analytics use cases. 
  • List of impact to data, technology and business processes.

Blueprint/ Roadmap

What We do

  • Establish a business and technology-driven roadmap to implement data-driven analytics. 
  • Draw a robust data management blueprint. 
  • Develop a prototype for the selected prioritised use case(s). 
  • Walk-through of phased implementation roadmap and the prototype 


  • Analytics blueprint that lists analytics use cases in alignment with corporate strategy and objectives 
  • End State technical architecture that is required to implement the analytics use cases 
  • Implementation plan to achieve the analytics use cases using the proposed technical architecture. 
  • Prototype solution for selected business use case(s). 

The BigTapp Advantage

​Accelerators to reduce time to market​​

​Our accelerators including pre-defined industry use cases, blueprint frameworks, and workshop templates, help to jumpstart the discussions and enable quicker delivery of consistent outcomes compared to a custom solution.

​Diversly Experienced Consultants

​Our consultants, with broad industry experience, bring quality & valuable industry use cases that incorporate specific industry knowledge and the best practices from across industries.

​Scalable Blueprints ​​

Ability to define blueprints at Departmental-Level and eventually scale up to Enterprise-Level

​​​Concept to creation​​

​Our extensive skillset enables us not only to define the blueprint, but also to execute it from start to finish

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