High Performance Data Management Platforms

The Need for Data Engineering :  

Many businesses are unable to realise the
business value of the data because of the following challenges:

What we do

We enable enterprises to make data-driven decisions that can significantly increase the value of the organisation by standardising and simplifying cost-effective access to the right data at the right time.  Our team of Data Engineers will create a high-performance Data Management Architecture that will provide integrated and standardized access to data with appropriate latency. The goal is to support organizations in making data-driven decisions and achieving business success. Insights from the data can drive automated decisions thereby integrating analytics in business processes.

We assist organizations in developing efficient data repositories by utilizing cloud-based architectural concepts, i.e., Data Lakes, Data Fabrics, Data Mesh and Lake houses and also leverages cloud-native technologies to provide an OpEx-driven cost model that can be scaled up or down depending on the demand.

The following are some of the key services offered by BigTapp as part of Data Engineering services.

Data Management Build & Enhancement

Moving the data to a Cloud Data lake or Lake house is a collaborative process that starts small and grows by achieving business objectives at each stage. We can assist you in efficiently implementing and scaling a future-proof Data Management Architecture. 

Modernization of Data Warehouse

Organizations with traditional data warehouses are grappling with legacy architectures that are ill-suited to today's varied data formats, an unprecedented volume of data and today's agile use cases. Modernization of Data Warehouse involves a comprehensive architecture revamp capable of handling the challenges and requirements in modern data management, especially in terms of data silos, scalability, processing workloads, variety of data types & cost-efficiency by leveraging the cloud-based data solutions. Data Warehouse modernization enables businesses to become more agile, safe, flexible, and productive by removing the complexities of traditional systems.  

Data Governance

Effective Data governance ensures that data is available to the right people with the right data quality. Data governance is becoming more critical as businesses increasingly rely on data analytics to help them run a business more efficiently and make informed business decisions. Data governance is now a mandate, whereas it was optional a few years ago. It is an essential component of a company's digital transformation and must be prioritized. Reach out to BigTapp to understand how to make the data trustworthy at every step. 


Data has evolved into a shared asset. With more people producing data and more users consuming it, practices enhancing the speed and agility of end-to-end data pipelines are becoming extremely valuable. Our DataOps consulting and strategy includes implementing processes, frameworks, and the appropriate testing tools to ensure rapid data transformation throughout the pipeline process. 

The BigTapp Advantage:

​​​Accelerators to reduce time to market​​

​​​Our accelerators, including the Data Engineering Toolkit (deTapp) with industry reference models, data obfuscation, Cloud Reference Architectures, encryption components & migration utilities, ensure speedy and consistent implementation.​​

​​​Been there and done that​​

​​​Our team of certified consultants with technical and industry domain expertise has a proven track record of numerous implementations, bringing the latest best practices to every engagement.​​

​​Cloud-Native and On-Premise Solutions:​

We offer cloud-native data engineering services for AWS, GCP, Azure, Databricks, and Snowflake to provide cost-effective and scalable solutions, as well as expertise in on-premise implementations for customers who prefer hybrid solutions.

​​​Comprehensive services supported by strong partnership​​

​​​In addition to data ingestion and processing, we provide comprehensive services for Data Governance, Data Ops, Data Security, and Observability. Our partnerships with leading technology vendors allow us to offer the latest technologies and best p

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