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Digital transformation is about meeting ever-escalating customer expectations for convenience and ease-of-use by adopting digital technologies that include, among others, Metaverse, Mobile devices, Social media, Internet of things (IoT) and Cloud. Customers today expect seamless and personalized experiences across all channels, including social media, mobile apps, websites, and in-store. Digital Transformation is the key to meeting these expectations.   


Key benefits of Digital Transformation include better Customer experience, efficiency and increased productivity, leading to an agile organization. By using a judicious combination of process automation and data analytics-driven decisions, the efficiency and productivity of the organization goes up, leading to cost savings. Beyond operational efficiency, real-time data and insights provided by Digital Transformation will lead to improved decision-making forming the underpinnings of an agile organization that responds  rapidly to market changes . 


​​BigTapp’s digital transformation services can be applied to a wide range of industries and business functions. We work closely with  clients to understand their business goals and deliver solutions that enable them to achieve the same. Our experience and knowledge of current and emerging best practice analytics and allied Digital Transformation technologies, such as AI, ML, IoT, Cloud, Generative AI and Hyperautomation, allows us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enable our customers to become an agile organization. 

Key Offerings 

Analytics driven Digital Transformation Blueprint

This consulting offering focuses on developing a clear and comprehensive plan for adopting analytics to drive digital transformation that aligns with the organization's overall business goals and objectives. Key business processes are analyzed to identify how analytics can be used to transform them digitally with an objective to increase efficiency, reduce cost and increase competitiveness. This helps organizations with the following 


  • Automate their business processes and operations, reducing cost and maximizing resources. 
  • To better understand and meet customer needs, resulting in a more personalized and satisfying experience.
  • Stay ahead of the competition and gain a competitive edge by adopting new technologies and digital solutions.
  • Better collaborate with partners, suppliers, and customers, leading to increased productivity and better relationships. 

Enabling Software development


Digital transformation requires retooling of the organisations technology stack and application. This offering focuses on developing custom software using Mobile and Cloud Native technologies that helps automate processes, improve customer experiences, and create new revenue streams.


Cloud Adoption

This offering focuses on migrating analytical environments to Cloud to improve scalability, reduce costs, and increase agility.  

Leveraging our partnerships with leading Cloud  providers, we help organizations with the following. 

  • Ability to deploy new analytics driven applications and services quickly and easily, increasing their ability to respond to changing market conditions and customer demands.
  • enables organizations to scale up or down their computing resources based on changing needs, without the need for major investments in hardware or software. 
  • provides organizations with the ability to store, process, and analyze vast amounts of data, helping them to make informed decisions and drive innovation. 


BigTapp’s Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) offering focuses on automating repetitive, manual, and rule-based tasks to improve efficiency, accuracy, and reduce costs. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) works by combining RPA with AI and Machine Learning to automate complex, decision-making tasks to improve accuracy and create more efficient and effective processes.  


Overall, this helps organizations with the following 

  • significantly increase the speed and efficiency of business processes, freeing up valuable time and resources. 
  • reduce the risk of human error, improving the accuracy of data entry, calculations, and other processes. 
  • lower labor costs and increase operational efficiency, leading to cost savings. 
  • quickly and easily automate new processes and tasks, increasing the agility of an organization and allowing them to respond to changing market conditions and customer demands.  

The BigTapp Advantage

Pre-built App Components

BigTapp offers pre-built app components that accelerate development lifecycles, shorten time to market, and provide customizable solutions for businesses.

Experience in Tech Stack

BigTapp has experience working with traditional and modern tech stacks, including Java, .Net, Python, and cloud-native applications, ensuring that it can provide customized solutions that meet each client's unique needs.

Mobile and Portal Applications

BigTapp provides customized mobile and portal applications tailored to businesses' specific needs, enhancing user engagement and customer experience.

Data Science-based Product Development

BigTapp incorporates data science elements into product development to deliver data-driven solutions that are highly effective and tailored to the unique needs of clients.

Customer Case Studies

AI/ML Driven Robotics Process Automation for a Global Insurance Group

How we helped the client reduce turnaround time and cost with an automated process of claims enabled through BigTapp's AI driven RPA framework. 

Enabling an Industry Leader in Refrigeration Systems to Automate Support with AI Based Troubleshooting

How BigTapp helped to automate support using NLP based BOT solutions to provide quicker turnaround in troubleshooting.  

Digitization of information handling processes and managing the applications for a leading Insurance broker

How we helped in transforming the way in which information is handled in organization and provide better experience to customers in Insurance policy handling and claims process.

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