AI-driven insights and actions for competitive advantage

BigTapp's is an award winning, game-changing platform that empowers enterprises by democratizing data and insights. With this platform, every decision is driven by reliable and robust insights, covering the entire data lifecycle, from acquisition to insight derivation, and the ability to act on those insights.

Our mission to democratize data and insights for enterprises isn't just about the process—it's rooted deeply in the technologies and frameworks that fuel our solution. Here's an architecture overview showcasing our platform:

Our comprehensive platform has a three-stage approach tailored to streamline the data lifecycle, from acquisition to action:

Acquire & Assemble

Effortlessly collect quality, relevant data from diverse sources using pre-built connectors, organizing it around key entities like customers and products.

Augment & Analyse & Analyse

In-built AI/ML algorithms and NLP techniques are used to augment the data with derived attributes like Intent, Life event and Sentiments.

Adopt & Act

Translate insights into actions by deploying multiple use cases and purpose-built solutions.

Big Data Infrastructure

 Our platform is powered by a strong Big Data infrastructure capable of handling huge amounts of structured and unstructured data. It's highly agile, enabling quick retrieval, efficient processing, and scalable storage. This infrastructure plays a vital role in data acquisition and facilitates seamless integration with diverse sources.

Relational, NoSQL and Graph Databases

We use different databases tailored to different data types - relational databases for structured data, NoSQL databases for flexible and diverse data, and Graph databases for managing relationships. This approach ensures we utilize the most suitable storage solutions for each data type.

Ontologies, Taxonomies & LLMs

Ontologies define the relationships and categories within the data, while taxonomies provide hierarchical classification. When combined with Large Language Modes (LLMs), they offer numerous benefits. This combination harnesses the unstructured data processing capabilities of LLMs and the structured representation of domain knowledge provided by ontologies.

AI/ML and Generative AI

This is the backbone of our platform used in various aspects, from data cleansing to insight generation. Ontologies enable logical reasoning, empowering AI to derive new knowledge from existing facts and relationships. When integrated with Large Language Models (LLMs), this reasoning ability enables AI to produce contextually accurate and semantically rich responses.

By incorporating these core drivers at every stage, we not only tap into the immense potential of data, but also organize, analyze, and utilize it in ways that are impactful, enlightening, and revolutionary for your business.

Customer Case Studies

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